My Final Re-Release of an old project, EVER, Shamanic Princess has now been revamped

Sorry for putting this off for ages, I’ve become much busier as of late. And this revision suffered delays because of it. While it’s been a long time coming, it’s definitely worth the wait. All 6 episodes have new encodes that far outdo any of my previous work, much sharper timing on all sub tracks, and any loose ends in the subs are a thing of the past. But enough self-promotion, enjoy this marvelous OVA.


I know I'm Redoing an Old Project, but… Shamanic Princess 01 is Out

Yes, this is a redux of #Soldado’s first project, Shamanic Princess, but there are some notable improvements from the old release.


1. It’s 10-Bit (So have your codecs ready)

2. Anamorphic Video @ 1:37:1 to be exact (since that’s the AR it was animated on)

3. Improved styling of subs

4. Timing Improvements (I threw in k-timing as a bonus)

5. Minor errors in the script are fixed

Torrent / DDL

Yes, we do have an XDCC bot, but it’s still a bit rough around the edges, and most likely will not have this release yet