Full Moon Project Update Post

I admit the first 2 episodes were a rough release, and as a group, we are contemplating  on a few changes on how the project will pan out, that will improve the quality of the releases as a whole from here on out. Since we have a typesetter now, we can do some more things now, such as karaoke, proper sign typesetting, and a better color styling. Having a typesetter in tow allows me to improve the script editing and timing in a timely manner, as well as do miscellaneous task, such as styling multicolored fonts (similar to a.f.k), as well as a plain-colored alternative subtitle track. Feedback is greatly appreciated and suggestions are more than welcome.

New Project – Full Moon Wo Sagashite

I kid you not, I will embark on a transcription project that made many people ragequit (Noone got past episode 2)… Full Moon Wo Sagashite (Searching For a Full Moon). Let’s just say, it will be a long and very sloooow project. I will do my best not to ragequit, since I am a huge Full Moon fan. It will be a fully softsubbed H264 version of Full Moon w/ a.f.k scripts. Release Pattern will be as follows (batches of 4 episodes).

Update : Fuck it, release pattern will be in 2 episode spurts. Check the Full Moon project page for status updates or drop by the irc channel if you’d like (Since I update the irc chan more frequenly).