Here's a Thanksgiving Gift from Us: Ninku 26 has finally been released

It’s been a long time coming, but now it has finally happened, we have finally picked up Ninku and released it for all you guys as a present. Big special thanks are in order for our new translator, ronahn, and convexity, for TL check. Thanks for believing in us, even as we had this planned. In this episode, as the Ninku continue on their journey toward the Feng Shui Valley, Hiroyuki collapses from the desert heat, and after they were saved by an old couple, they proposed to Fuusuke for Hiroyuki to stay, but to part ways, Fuusuke would have to play the villain… will their friendship survive this ordeal?


Visit us at our irc channel for XDCC (for past DB Ninku releases, and well as this latest one). We are recruiting translators, typesetters, and editors to help things get moving here, drop me a msg if you want to join.

New site, new adventures, and a new project, Pokemon XY

Here’s our first real stab at fansubbing, hope you guys enjoy this one. So our protagonist Satoshi finally makes his way into the Kalos Region, and with his trusty partner, Pikachu, they set off on a new adventure, facing new challenges, meeting new friends in his quest to become a Pokemon Master. Special thanks to bulbagarden for the OP song translation, please go visit bulbagarden at
[Soldado]_Pocket Monsters_XY_001-002_v0_[10bit][720p][B71C434D].mkv_snapshot_03.44_[2013.11.03_20.47.42]Note: It’s a v0 because it’s missing some things, namely, the ED translation and the sponsor card translations. If there’s any other issues, please let us know, so we can address them for the v1.

We are recruiting translators, editors, and encoders, and QCs. If you want to help us get things moving, please drop by the irc chan and give me a holler.


Yay, a re-release, Animal Crossing v2 is out

This is the version 2 mux of the Animal Crossing Movie I released in the winter. Sorry I was so lazy in fixing the errors, busy, busy, busy. This will be the version I will offer to bakabt soon. I threw in the extras from the DVD, which are trailers/teasers for the movie.
Update: Successful offer to bakabt was successful.

Can't go wrong with Yui Horie :3

Can’t go wrong with Yui Horie :3

Torrent (nyaa / bakabt)
Patch (if you have the v1)


Hell yeah, we doing Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann yo, joint with entertheblog and NP-Complete (not really, I’m EtB staff, just namedropping us lol). Here’s a teaser screenshot for ya right below…



About EnterTheBlog: EnterTheBlog is the world’s leading expert in Better-Than-DVD® video encoding. We work with leading professionals in the Anime Fansubbing Industry to provide the cleanest encodes possible, leveraging synergistic Open Source Software tools such as the patented and proprietary Deen® and eDeen® filters as well as in-house solutions such as VmToon® technology. irc channel is #[email protected]
About NP-Complete:  We aim to provide high-quality DVD and Blu-ray rips.  In general, we tend to filter more than many of the “purist” groups out there, and we aren’t afraid to remove grain.  We emphasize proper IVTC when applicable, use lossless or on-disc lossy audio tracks, try to avoid upscales, and enjoy the use of ordered chapters.  We provide English audio when available in addition to English subtitles and the original Japanese audio.  irc channel is #[email protected]  – (Retired)


Woooooooooo yeah, Full Moon is back, and boy am I sorry for the wait. While the situation was not as hectic as with Hikaru no Go, it was quite a roadblock that happened. Hopefully, we can be back at the pacing you guys were accustomed with us in the coming weeks. Full Moon episodes 22-24 are now available via torrent, and on irc via HCLI|Ugo, DDL shall be up later.

* Big special thanks to convexity for saving our bacons to translate the preview at the end of episode 22.


Love is in the air <3

Torrent – (Grab it nao)
DDL (22/23/24) – Links provided courtesy of Tanmay, many shout outs to him.