Another project in the books: Loveless is COMPLETE

After being so slowpoke.jpg, finally, another project completed here at #Soldado. Sorry for the wait, but if I was gonna be slow, may as well batch it entirely. Grab the patches on the post below if you have episodes 1-5 still.

Rip/Timing/Typesetting/Encoding/QC: Eternal_Blizzard *pats himself on the back


Yoru no mukou. Futari dake de.~~~

Torrent (all eps available on irc)

Is there really a release? Yes there is, Loveless 06 is out.

I’m slow as a snail, but I’m getting things done, yet another Loveless episode is in the books, and Zero finally makes their appearance. While I said it is released, it’s on our irc channel’s xdcc bot, I don’t plan for a torrent release until the final batch. Episode 6 has a few improvements, fixed OP TL, and a song/sign track for those who want to watch the dub. So drop by our irc channel (#[email protected]) and grab it from out NHK|Satou bot. *Update, there is a torrent lol.



Loveless Double Feature (Episodes 04 and 05 RELEASED)

Ya didn’t think we forgot about Ritsuka-kun, did ya. Well here you are, episodes 04 and 05 of Loveless for the masses. These episodes, unlike 03, are on the XDCC bot, I had some uploading issues that made it impossible to up to the bot, so I’ll add episode 3 when I can.
Coffee anyone?
Torrents: (Episode 4 | Episode 5) * ALL SET
DDLs: (Episode 4 | Episode 5)

Release: Loveless Episode 2

Here’s episode 2 of Loveless, and what a doozy of an episode it was to typeset, thanks to all that scrolling computer text. *Note, we upload to our XDCC Bot before the torrent is up, so if you want to grab our releases sooner, just get them from our bot at #[email protected], just make sure to help seed, or else… just kidding.

Suki da yo... Ritsuka.

Suki da yo… Ritsuka.

Torrent / Patch (For Episode 1, See Episode 3 Post)