Woooooooooo yeah, Full Moon is back, and boy am I sorry for the wait. While the situation was not as hectic as with Hikaru no Go, it was quite a roadblock that happened. Hopefully, we can be back at the pacing you guys were accustomed with us in the coming weeks. Full Moon episodes 22-24 are now available via torrent, and on irc via HCLI|Ugo, DDL shall be up later.

* Big special thanks to convexity for saving our bacons to translate the preview at the end of episode 22.


Love is in the air <3

Torrent – (Grab it nao)
DDL (22/23/24) – Links provided courtesy of Tanmay, many shout outs to him.

Full Moon CM Extra is Out

This release technically makes this our debut as a fansub, but on the other hand, it isn’t much, but hopefully, this keeps Full Moon relevant in our overall group activities. I pray we can get some actual episodes released next week, but nothing is ever certain.

Sorry I had to TS over the Furigana, but it couldn't be helped...

Sorry I had to TS over the Furigana, but it couldn’t be helped…

Staff Credits:

Translation: convexity

Editing/Timing/Typesetting/Encoding/QC: Eternal_Blizzard
Torrent / Patch (Episode 21 typo fix) – New CRC [DE328E8D]