My Final Re-Release of an old project, EVER, Shamanic Princess has now been revamped

Sorry for putting this off for ages, I’ve become much busier as of late. And this revision suffered delays because of it. While it’s been a long time coming, it’s definitely worth the wait. All 6 episodes have new encodes that far outdo any of my previous work, much sharper timing on all sub tracks, and any loose ends in the subs are a thing of the past. But enough self-promotion, enjoy this marvelous OVA.


Yes, you aren't seeing things, we subbed the Attack on Titan OVA

A release noone saw coming, but here it is, the Attack on Titan OAD. While we normally don’t sub new stuff, this was just too hard to pass up… anyway, enjoy more Heichou, erm, actually, it’s about Ilse… yeah, hope you like the subs.

UPDATE: We are ceasing distribution of the OAD release, grab Saizen’s release here.

Shingeki OVAAs always, we are always recruiting for new staff, if you feel you want to help us with more releases, please drop by our irc channel, which is #[email protected] 🙂

PATCH / v2 (IRC ONLY-SOON) / DDL (patch)

Here's a Thanksgiving Gift from Us: Ninku 26 has finally been released

It’s been a long time coming, but now it has finally happened, we have finally picked up Ninku and released it for all you guys as a present. Big special thanks are in order for our new translator, ronahn, and convexity, for TL check. Thanks for believing in us, even as we had this planned. In this episode, as the Ninku continue on their journey toward the Feng Shui Valley, Hiroyuki collapses from the desert heat, and after they were saved by an old couple, they proposed to Fuusuke for Hiroyuki to stay, but to part ways, Fuusuke would have to play the villain… will their friendship survive this ordeal?


Visit us at our irc channel for XDCC (for past DB Ninku releases, and well as this latest one). We are recruiting translators, typesetters, and editors to help things get moving here, drop me a msg if you want to join.

Finally, We Are Halfway There, Full Moon 25-26 Have Been Released from the Abyss

This should have happened in June, but after now being well behind schedule, we’ve reached the halfway point. Special thanks to shani-san for helping me out for the first 24 episodes, if you feel the need to come back to this project, I’ll be waiting. – E_B

Will Mitsuki be able to sing Eternal Snow? Will Dr. Wakaouji agree to Mitsuki’s proposition to be her producer? Or will it be all for naught?

Please don't let me see another amidakuji sign.

Please don’t let me see another amidakuji sign.


Yay, a re-release, Animal Crossing v2 is out

This is the version 2 mux of the Animal Crossing Movie I released in the winter. Sorry I was so lazy in fixing the errors, busy, busy, busy. This will be the version I will offer to bakabt soon. I threw in the extras from the DVD, which are trailers/teasers for the movie.
Update: Successful offer to bakabt was successful.

Can't go wrong with Yui Horie :3

Can’t go wrong with Yui Horie :3

Torrent (nyaa / bakabt)
Patch (if you have the v1)


Woooooooooo yeah, Full Moon is back, and boy am I sorry for the wait. While the situation was not as hectic as with Hikaru no Go, it was quite a roadblock that happened. Hopefully, we can be back at the pacing you guys were accustomed with us in the coming weeks. Full Moon episodes 22-24 are now available via torrent, and on irc via HCLI|Ugo, DDL shall be up later.

* Big special thanks to convexity for saving our bacons to translate the preview at the end of episode 22.


Love is in the air <3

Torrent – (Grab it nao)
DDL (22/23/24) – Links provided courtesy of Tanmay, many shout outs to him.

Full Moon CM Extra is Out

This release technically makes this our debut as a fansub, but on the other hand, it isn’t much, but hopefully, this keeps Full Moon relevant in our overall group activities. I pray we can get some actual episodes released next week, but nothing is ever certain.

Sorry I had to TS over the Furigana, but it couldn't be helped...

Sorry I had to TS over the Furigana, but it couldn’t be helped…

Staff Credits:

Translation: convexity

Editing/Timing/Typesetting/Encoding/QC: Eternal_Blizzard
Torrent / Patch (Episode 21 typo fix) – New CRC [DE328E8D]