Yes, you aren't seeing things, we subbed the Attack on Titan OVA

A release noone saw coming, but here it is, the Attack on Titan OAD. While we normally don’t sub new stuff, this was just too hard to pass up… anyway, enjoy more Heichou, erm, actually, it’s about Ilse… yeah, hope you like the subs.

UPDATE: We are ceasing distribution of the OAD release, grab Saizen’s release here.

Shingeki OVAAs always, we are always recruiting for new staff, if you feel you want to help us with more releases, please drop by our irc channel, which is #[email protected] 🙂

PATCH / v2 (IRC ONLY-SOON) / DDL (patch)

New site, new adventures, and a new project, Pokemon XY

Here’s our first real stab at fansubbing, hope you guys enjoy this one. So our protagonist Satoshi finally makes his way into the Kalos Region, and with his trusty partner, Pikachu, they set off on a new adventure, facing new challenges, meeting new friends in his quest to become a Pokemon Master. Special thanks to bulbagarden for the OP song translation, please go visit bulbagarden at
[Soldado]_Pocket Monsters_XY_001-002_v0_[10bit][720p][B71C434D].mkv_snapshot_03.44_[2013.11.03_20.47.42]Note: It’s a v0 because it’s missing some things, namely, the ED translation and the sponsor card translations. If there’s any other issues, please let us know, so we can address them for the v1.

We are recruiting translators, editors, and encoders, and QCs. If you want to help us get things moving, please drop by the irc chan and give me a holler.


Fate's been conspiring against us, but somehow, Hikaru no Go 02 is FINALLY RELEASED!

Even more bizarre shit has happened since the last HnG release, now our encoder and FTP provider for HnG has disappeared from irc, and that set us back big time, because episode 2 was the only encode he forgot to leave us. So we were SOL without an encode for almost a month, then I had to take over encoding again after waiting a month for him to no avail. Then I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to not fuck up this encode, after weeks of trial and error, I just went with whatever did the job, so the quality of the video isn’t as good as episode 1. We have encodes for 3-13, so next episode will come out in a far more reasonable amount of time. My apologies to everyone.

We fail it!

We fail it!

Grab it from our irc channel, XDCC bot is HCLIUgo. *We need some encoding support, big time. (Oh shit, bot is afk, so…)
Torrent (Is Back)
DDL (rar) Filename: [Soldado]_Hikaru_no_Go_02_[BD-720p][10bit][F5BC8D2B].mkv

Dude, What The Fuck, A v2 of Hikaru no Go Episode 1

It’s a Hikaru release, lolwat, and a v2, fuck. 2 months of waiting for a v2 lol, sorry about that. Many things happened during the course of those two months: Our editor/timer bailed, raging over our own incompetence, a new encoder appears, wait for way better encodes, working slowly on eps., a new editor appears, etc…



Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this revamping of Hikaru no Go, which has numerous improvements over the v1 (VFR, better editing, better styling/typesetting, way better encoding, an additional VIZ sub track as a bonus, did away with the lame karaoke timing, and it goes on and on). At the moment, we’re releasing them internally in our irc channel, so if you want some eps, please drop by, we will release only on irc for the foreseeable future..