Ninku 38

At last, the fated battle between the Ninku and their former comrade, Kisumi (Basara) begins. Who will come out on top? Stay tuned. Joint with Saizen. We have a Telegram group. So if you have Telegram and want to bug me about releases, join us by clicking here. We’re also looking for additional translators, if interested, please hit up the “Join Us” tab on our site and contact us via any method you prefer.

P.S. – Yes I’m still working on those SD encodes, but it’s not exactly an automatic process of going through 38 episodes and counting to prep stuff to do so. In other words: patience.


Ninku 36

Here’s another Ninku episode for the masses, to think we have less than 20 to go now. As the Ninku continue on their journey to the Cape of Feng Shui, they find themselves in the Imperial Capital. But Fuusuke wanders off as usual and meets a haughty young lad by the name of Alec. The two of them hit it off and have a good time, but this boy might be more than meets the eye. Joint with Saizen.


Kemono Friends (Complete)

At last, we completed our trek through Japari Park. God, what a fantastic finish, but eh, creds after the jump… Will we do s2? Only Sandstar knows.

Base Script: CR
BD Providers: U2Musume (1-8), AMCGrady (9-10), E_B (11-12)
“Editing”/Fine-timing/Typesetting/Encoding/QC: Eternal_Blizzard
Karaoke: sekuhara, Jocko (orz)
Ep 12 Song TL: A kind /a/non
Special thanks: Shampoo, Ricotta Elmar, n00bzers, and the rest of #KemonoFriends irc channel
Huge shoutouts to Tatsuki and Yaoyorozu for creating such a charming show.


Patches: (1 & 3)

Ninku 35

Here’s some more Ninku this on the 16th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, and about 22 years after this episode was first broadcast (September 9, 1995). This also wraps up the 5th volume among the Blu-Rays, so expect a batch in the weekend most likely. We might slow down just a tad, but there’s definitely more on the way. Joint with Saizen, as usual. As always, we’re always looking for more help, especially in the translation department, if interested, please visit us at our irc channel or dm/follow me on Twitter @Eternal_Lazy.


Ninku 34

In honor of our fallen brother, CP, we have yet another episode of Ninku for you guys. Also, this marks the shortest time between eps by us, will we release another episode next week? Stay tuned. Joint with Saizen. We’re still looking for more translators to aid us in our remaining projects and anything else you have in mind.


Ninku 33 (Blu-Ray)

It’s been quite some time, fams, but we’re back with some Ninku for yo asses. Please enjoy the release. Also if you haven’t watched 32, we got that too (updated with some qc), enjoy. In other news, yes we are gonna do the upcoming Shingeki no Kyojin Lost Girls OVA, and yes I will finish Kemono Friends, just waiting on someone to upload the BDMVs so I can get my ass to work on those. I have vol 1 done internally. Joint with Saizen. We could use more translators so we can mow through Ninku and Isami, or work on anything you’d like, if interested, please feel free to join our irc channel, discord, or Follow/DM me on twitter @Eternal_Lazy.


32: Nyaa/Anidex/Magnet/Patch
33: Nyaa/Anidex/Magnet

Kemono Friends Vols 3-4

I didn’t expect to be doing a BD project this century, but I somehow did. So I may as well spill the beans here and shill the [Furenzu] release here since I’m doing it. Hope I’ve been doing a good enough job filling in for orz. Enjoy this 4 episode release. Please be sure to hit up
#[email protected] and #[email protected] while you’re at it. I’ll link Vol. 2 here too cuz why not.

[11:24:49] ROCKHOPPER
[11:24:54] ROYAL
[11:24:56] GENTOO
[11:24:58] EMPEROR
[11:25:02] HUMBOLDT
[11:28:00] * Shampoo trumpvoices
[11:28:02] wrong


Vol 2: Nyaa/AniDex/Magnet
Vol 3. Nyaa/AniDex/Magnet
Vol.4: Nyaa/AniDex/Magnet