Ninku 17-19 (Blu-Ray)

Had enough? Well tough cookie, you’re gonna dig some more Ninku. These next couple of episodes are pretty darn entertaining. 19’s pretty intense, but don’t take my word for it. Subs by Dattebayo.
News: Also, this will probably be our last release using this blogspot, it has served us well, but I should take things seriously again and have a dedicated blog again. Migration is in progress.
17 (m), 18 (m), 19 (m)

Ninku 13-14 (Blu-Ray)

Guess that concludes Volume 2. Batch will come soon along with maybe some more episodes (from the looks of it, only episode needing any fixing is episode 9). Pretty productive month even with me having a full-time job, wouldn’t you say? Subs by DB. We are looking for another translator and editor, since I’m starting to get a bit peeved that I’m the only editor here. Just kidding about that, recruiting this way never works anyway.
13, 14