Mahjong Soul – 2nd Anniversary PV

To prove we are alive, we’re releasing something very random here. And this is the anime-style pv to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Mahjong Soul, or Jantama. I picked the game of mahjong up a few months ago and fell in love with it. If you’re new and/or interested in picking up mahjong, I recommend reading my good friend blankaex’s excellent tutorial post here. Mahjong Soul’s official English site is ( We are not affiliated with Yostar and Catfood Studios, just fans wanting to sub this for the community. Anywho, enjoy the release, brought to you by the following:

Translation: ronahn (omgwblol)
Timing (>6 lines): Eternal_Blizzard
Editing: Tougewolf
Typesetting: petzku
QC: banana, Tougewolf, E_B
Special Thanks: blankaex and Eien (for being a huge Yagifriend)


Animation x Paralympics: Game On! (PV)

What is this?

This is a PV meant to showcase some of the events that will be featured in the upcoming 2020 Paralympic Games, which will take place in Japan. The series itself is a series of shorts worked on by various anime and manga industry vets in cooperation with NHK, with each short showcasing a particular Para-sporting event with the aim of promoting the Paralympic Games and sporting events for athletes with disabilities. You can watch these shorts (officially subbed) at this playlist (courtesy of NHK World-Japan) here or on-demand at NHK’s official site here.