A. General

1. Who are hell are you?
Check the “About” page

2. What does the name “Soldado” mean?

Soldado is the Spanish word for Soldier.

3. What’s the best way to contact you?
Primary: email: [email protected]
Secondary: IRC: #[email protected] (#Soldado is dead)

4. I would like to help you guys out?

Thanks for asking, but we don’t accept donations.

5. How do you guys fansub?
We add subtitles to videos using Aegisub.

6. I’ve been “banned” from the IRC channel?

You fucked up, cool off for a bit, and you can come back (most bans are no longer 2 hours anyway), however, if you are a repeat offender, have a nice life.

*Except if you’re Toddler_Naruto, who is autobanned by default

7. I’ve been “banned” from the IRC channel but I haven’t done anything wrong!?
PM me (Eternal_Blizzard) and I’ll hear you out so we can solve the issue.

B. Some Shit About Releases

1. When are you going to release the next episode of (insert crappy animu here) ??!?!?!
Whenever we want, or whenever it is truly ready.

2. Are you guys going to fansub (insert crappy animu here) ??!?!?!
No, we do whatever the fuck we want.

3. You haven’t released show ABC in so long! Have you dropped the project?
If it doesn’t say it’s dropped (under the “Dropped” section), it’s not dropped.

4. I am interested in fansubbing xx DVD into ___ language for my fansub group. Can you give us your DVD source?
Buy the DVDs and/or BDs, or pirate them (I’m not the morality police).

5. I am interested in fansubbing (insert crappy animu here) into ___ language for my fansub group. Can you give us your RAW source?
Google it.

6. I am interested in fansubbing (insert crappy animu here)into ___ language for my fansub group. Can we use your subs?
It’s all softsubbed, no one is stopping you, feel free to do so.

7. Can I upload your releases to streaming sites (such as Youtube, Veoh, etc)?
Who cares? But do it at your own risk.

8. Can I submit your releases/torrents to other listing sites (such as TokyoTosho, NyaaTorrents, BakaBT)?
TokyoTosho = No. Already using it
NyaaTorrents = No, it’s dead ;_;7
BakaBT = Only if a project is marked “Completed” and patches and v2′s are present in the batch, contact Eternal_Blizzard for details.
Other sites: We ain’t stopping you.

C. Leeching

1. How do I download your files?
Our releases are currently available on bittorrent (BT), XDCC, or DDL links that we provide, if you find any of our releases on other file sharing sites, please help seed them.
2. Can you reseed xx torrent?
If you ask nicely.

4. Playback issues/Technical
1. Why are the subtitles not showing up on the softsubs (mkv)?
Make sure you have the latest Avisynth installed and are using Media Player Classic (mpc) with xy-vsfilter as your subtitle renderer.

2. What do you recommend for file playback?
Media Player Classic-Home Cinema (mpc-hc), madVR+xy-subfilter, or just MPC-HC+xy-vsfilter if your comp isn’t up to snuff. DON’T USE CCCP OR ANY OTHER BULLSHIT CODEC PACK, and NO FUCKING VLC. On anything that isn’t Windows, mpv. LAV filters are built into mpc-hc.

Known issues:
-Uninstalling all of your playback components and then installing only the recommended components solves most problems.

3. AVI/XviD and MKV/h264 (or x264)? What, how, WTF?
-AVI/XviD releases are intended for people with shitty computers (we don’t release in XviD, this isn’t 2004)
-h264 releases have about 33% better compression than XviD, thus producing better quality videos. However, h264 playback requires more processing power than XviD.
-Our MKV releases are fully softsubbed with either no-frills typesetting (because Eternal_Blizzard is a talentless hack), and fancy typesetting as well.

4. Will you release (insert crappy animu here) in AVI/XviD format?
Heck NO! But you can re-encode them for your own use.

5. Will you encode in 10-bit?
Of Coursh.

Bonus Content: #Soldado-Subs Channel Rules
Read topic before asking stupid questions. Type ‘/topic #Soldado-Subs’ to read it.
Don’t piss off the ops and don’t be lame.
No spamming, flaming, swearing, or asking about release times.
Silent fserves, no auto-greet or auto-away messages. Just keep the scripts quiet.
No @find or !shittyanimu<episodenumber> or !packs or !bots or !whatever.
NO TRIGGERS except !list (Anything that starts with !like, !topic !whatever = BAN)
No foreign (this means non-English) languages without translations, except spanish, cause we’re all Mexicans here, lololol.
The ops are exempt from all rules and are always right.
Special Thanks to Ryuu-Rogue Fansubs for the FAQ questions (because I can’t think of shit), and Dattebayo Fansubs LLC for the irc rules
Comments are screened for your protection or for our personal amusement (only for stupid questions)!

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