Mahjong Soul – 2nd Anniversary PV

To prove we are alive, we’re releasing something very random here. And this is the anime-style pv to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Mahjong Soul, or Jantama. I picked the game of mahjong up a few months ago and fell in love with it. If you’re new and/or interested in picking up mahjong, I recommend reading my good friend blankaex’s excellent tutorial post here. Mahjong Soul’s official English site is ( We are not affiliated with Yostar and Catfood Studios, just fans wanting to sub this for the community. Anywho, enjoy the release, brought to you by the following:

Translation: ronahn (omgwblol)
Timing (>6 lines): Eternal_Blizzard
Editing: Tougewolf
Typesetting: petzku
QC: banana, Tougewolf, E_B
Special Thanks: blankaex and Eien (for being a huge Yagifriend)


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