Ninku 54-55 END

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but after almost 7 years since we began subtitling Ninku from where our predecessors in Dattebayo fansubs left off, we have reached the end of the road and completed this one at long last. This has been an undertaking over 16 years in the making since Rice-Box released their one-shot of episode 1 back in 2004.

I was gonna write a long history post about Ninku’s fansubbing situation throughout the years, but I’ll leave it to someone more experienced than me to write that. So without further ado, here’s the list of credits of everyone who worked on this one over the years from here and over at Saizen.

Fansub Credits

  • Translators: ronahn (26-32), Eternal_Blizzard* (33-50), convexity (33+), tenkenX6 (43)
  • Translation Checkers: convexity (26-31, 33-50), tenkenX6 (43)
  • Song Translations: chichiri(OP, ED 1 *DB), convexity (ED 2, ED 3), Mori (Insert in ep 39)
  • Editors: pheon18 (26-30), Eternal_Blizzard (31+)
  • Timer: Eternal_Blizzard
  • Typesetters: zegond (26-30 DVD), Eternal_Blizzard
  • Encoder: Eternal_Blizzard
  • Quality Checkers: Ashur (26), CP (26-30)(RIP), sangofe (26-28, 31-32), Collectr (29+), pheon18 (31-32), konnakude (26-31), bananadoyouwanna(33+), E_B
  • Karaoke Styler: Shujin0

With that being said, we do have just one more thing left to do, and that will be the Drama CD, which will be released with the final definitive batch once I am done going over the past episodes. Thank you all for sticking through with us over the years, it’s pretty surreal to say this project is done (batching aside), but you know what I mean. Enjoy these last two episodes and some parting words and/or funny quotes from the core team.

%bananadoyouwanna: When I first offered to quality check I was extremely motivated to get this done and then years passed… Ahem… Nevertheless, It was a fun show to work on!

@Eternal_Blizzard: It was a lot of work, but working with such a fine group of folks made this ride all the worthwhile. I’ll see what the future holds for me and how much I have left in the tank to keep on subbing.

%Collectr: I’m gonna take a break for a while. Ninku rots my brain.

@convexity: fuusuke’s just dumb. I dunno what to say

54 (Nyaa/Anidex/Magnet) | 55 (Nyaa/Anidex/Magnet)

10 thoughts on “Ninku 54-55 END

  1. Chapeau, sir! My gratitude for your fine work! I’d ask you if you think to release a batch too: that would be simply great. Anyway I wish you all the best for your next project: please keep going well! 😉

  2. Only seeing this just now but that doesn’t reduce the level of gratitude I have for you guys for doing this.
    Ninku holds a very high nostalgia value for me and I am so happy that I finally have the complete collection with me now.

  3. I have been looking for Ninku Subs for 30-50 for ages, and this is gold. Thanks a lot, it is my fav anime of all time. Love and Warn Regards.
    Also do you have any idea where I can find the complete manga, I could not find it anywhere on net.

  4. Hi to all of you! Just for my curiosity : is the batch still under construction? I wish make you my wishes for a Happy Easter then. 😉

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