Ninku 49-50

Well, we’ve come to the end of the road, or have we? These two episode do indeed conclude the main story, but for some reason, we have another 5 more episodes after this one. So for all you completionists out there, stick around for some more comfy adventures. Joint with Saizen. We are in need of another translator/translation checker. If interested, please head on over to our discord server here, #[email protected], or use the Join Us/Contact Form.

Also, happy 7th anniversary from us at Soldado-Subs.

49: Nyaa/AniDex/Magnet
50: Nyaa/AniDex/Magnet

3 thoughts on “Ninku 49-50

  1. Thanks for these 25 episodes, it took a while but you did it. I’d also like to drop this series after the main story, but considering it’s just 5 more, I think I’ll complete it too.

    And a little error I’ve spotted on episode 49:

    Avoid attacking the the top of the tower!

    • Thanks for the kind words, and the catch. Will be much appreciated for the final batch, which I’m working on behind the scenes to get everything as consistent as possible. I feel you, it’s a solid series that did not really need those extra eps, but they’re benign enough at least, and we’re also gonna put out the Drama CD (subtitled) as the final Ninku related release.

  2. Thank you so much for such a quality work, I think we couldn’t imagine better release than the work you made. So much gratitude for a rare animation serie, inspiration for Naruto animation

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