4 thoughts on “Ninku 47-48

  1. There’s a pun joke that Fuusuke makes with Ajirada’s name on episode 47. You guys translated it to some English version, but I couldn’t get the original joke. Could you explain exactly what he said in Japanese?

    • Ah yes, of course. From one of the comments in our wip script of 47 courtesy of our TL Checker/Translator: {This episode is so full of actual plot that there are consistency issues popping up everywhere… “Aji-something-or-other” is how DB translated it in the earlier episodes (namely 3 and 21, could be more). He actually calls Ajirada “アジとタラ” (aji to tara) = horse mackerel and cod. I suggest keeping DB’s translation for this release to not confuse people… We can change the terms for the batch. (Call him “Anchovy Tartare” or something else fish-related that sounds similar.) Alternatively, just change it for this release.}

      • Now I see… I thought it was just one word, that’s why I couldn’t get it. Thanks for the answer, I’ll keep in mind that “to” can be a particle next time I try to decipher another phrase.

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