Ninku 40

And back we are with another episode of Ninku. And apparently Fuusuke is fighting a ninja. Maybe we should hold off on episode releases until major American holidays, eh, SylentEcho? Kidding, they’ll be done when they are done. Joint with Saizen. We are in need of another translator/translation checker. If interested, please head on over to our discord server here.


9 thoughts on “Ninku 40

  1. Just a quick message to say thank you to the whole SolZen Team for all the hard work that went into bringing this latest episode to the masses.

    A big thank you also for earlier episodes – I have been meaning to express my gratitude since about episode 18! But that’s leechers for you.

    Speaking of episode 18 – and to be completely honest – I thought that you would manage to make it this far. I am sure, that on some occasions at least, you also shared this sentiment.

    Anyway, many thanks once again for the team’s hard work. It is appreciated.

  2. Of all the things I am grateful for in this life, this is surely one. It is close to 20 years since I watched Ninku on tv. The series has a lot of memories attached to it growing up.
    Thanks for all the hard work guys.

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