Ninku 39

And… now, the conclusion of this fated battle. To think we’re 3-cours in already. Joint with Saizen as usual. We have a Telegram group. So if you have Telegram and want to bug me about releases, join us by clicking here. We’re also looking for additional translators, if interested, please hit up the “Join Us” tab on our site and contact us via any method you prefer. Happy Halloweeb.


6 thoughts on “Ninku 39

  1. I am very thankful for your groups efforts in trying to finish this. I hope this series will be completed. After AXN (cable network in our country), nobody has even followed up on this anime. Patiently waiting for episodes 40 – 55. Kudos guys!

  2. @Steve: you clearly have no idea the amount of time and effort a fansub group puts on each episode they release. Specially a high quality sub like this one.

    These guys have released 39 episodes, 14 of which produced enterily by them following all steps like sound timing, transcription, scene timing, translation, revising, typing, encoding, quality check (and I’ve probably missed a few).

    I’ve already had a lot of fun watching this series and they can take as much time as they need to complete it, and even if for some reason they don’t, I’m already thankful for the episodes I’ve watched.

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