Ninku 33 (Blu-Ray)

It’s been quite some time, fams, but we’re back with some Ninku for yo asses. Please enjoy the release. Also if you haven’t watched 32, we got that too (updated with some qc), enjoy. In other news, yes we are gonna do the upcoming Shingeki no Kyojin Lost Girls OVA, and yes I will finish Kemono Friends, just waiting on someone to upload the BDMVs so I can get my ass to work on those. I have vol 1 done internally. Joint with Saizen. We could use more translators so we can mow through Ninku and Isami, or work on anything you’d like, if interested, please feel free to join our irc channel, discord, or Follow/DM me on twitter @Eternal_Lazy.


32: Nyaa/Anidex/Magnet/Patch
33: Nyaa/Anidex/Magnet

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