Kemono Friends Vols 3-4

I didn’t expect to be doing a BD project this century, but I somehow did. So I may as well spill the beans here and shill the [Furenzu] release here since I’m doing it. Hope I’ve been doing a good enough job filling in for orz. Enjoy this 4 episode release. Please be sure to hit up
#[email protected] and #[email protected] while you’re at it. I’ll link Vol. 2 here too cuz why not.

[11:24:49] ROCKHOPPER
[11:24:54] ROYAL
[11:24:56] GENTOO
[11:24:58] EMPEROR
[11:25:02] HUMBOLDT
[11:28:00] * Shampoo trumpvoices
[11:28:02] wrong


Vol 2: Nyaa/AniDex/Magnet
Vol 3. Nyaa/AniDex/Magnet
Vol.4: Nyaa/AniDex/Magnet

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