State of the Group

I doubt anyone follows this blog, but it’s no secret we’re dying as we head close into the eve of our 5th anniversary. I think back to when I started as a bright-eyed greenhorn who wanted to do some decent anime rips, I met some great people along the way who helped immensely in me getting gud. It’s been a wild 5 years, people coming and going, people getting older, and random spurts of dumb luck have all been a part of this group’s history. To all the people past and present who helped this group, ya’ll know who you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now onto the elephant, or should I say, elephants in the room, our remaining projects. As far as current projects are concerned, Sins is dropped unfortunately since it’s licensed by FUNi  *cough* (I mean Sony). The secret movie project will be done eventually. Full Moon I just don’t know, but don’t really count on it. So that means out of all our remaining projects, we’re definitely committed to finishing Ninku by any means necessary, so I’m exploring any freelance translation options there. And Isami, well, I mean I translated 15 eps already, why stop? Anyway, sorry for the tl;dr

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