Re-Uploading Torrents

I’ve been busy these past few days re-posting torrents and with the advent of a potentially palatable successor to nyaa, I am doing just that. I’m re-uploading torrents to all of our completed and ongoing projects to, anidex, minglong, and tokyotosho. This time, I’m keeping my ass covered. Updated the torrent page to link all of those.

Things to note:
Loveless (while complete) will not be re-upped. I’m currently working on an updated version based off the R2J discs that will include the aarinfantasy & Ryuu-Rogue subs.

Full Moon wo Sagashite will too not be re-upped for similar reasons. I’ve been silently working on much better encodes than the crap I put out years ago.

Dropped projects will not be re-upped. If you need anything from them (scripts and stuff), I may be happy to oblige.

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