Ninku 1-28 Box 1 (Batch)

With Nyaa Torrents’ demise, I guess I have to reupload some torrents. At the least I had an excuse to get off my lazy ass and work on this batch, so there’s that. I’m aiming to reupload all the torrents for our completed projects, as well as our ongoing projects, but dropped projects will not be re-upped. I’m gonna go for an interesting approach here, I’ll link torrents directly, provide a magnet, cache, and patch link (if applicable). I’ll also add a link on our sidebar and maybe a torrent page, I gotta work out some kinks is all.

Changelog (aka Shamelog):

1-21: ED timing fixed
07: Typofix somewhere (I forgot)?
22-28 needed no changes

Patch (Updated the automation script)

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