Ninku 08 (Blu-Ray)

Here’s another one before I go to bed. After Fuusuke and friends realized their futility against their former comrade Kisumi. The gang decided to visit their former master in search of answers on how to get stronger, but Fuusuke still with a heavy heart, went off on his own in search of his own answers on how to open Kisumi’s eyes. In this episode, Fuusuke meets a young girl named Yuka and her brother Shuri, who lost their mother to the war. Yuka became mute due to the trauma, can Fuusuke get her to talk once more? Stay tuned. Subs by DB. 
A bit of trivia: This episode is actually the first chapter in the manga and the only chapter scanlated. The manga is told in a very non-linear way, so it’d be pretty difficult to make out exactly what is canon and what isn’t.

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