Ninku – The Movie (Yep, it’s a v3)

Here’s another taste of the Ninku BDs, this time the movie. We made sure to tack on a bit of extra effort. It’s been TL Checked and slightly re-edited. It’s also dual audio, but sadly, I had to re-encode the dub’s ac3 track to account the Japanese version being 11 seconds longer, I had to splice a cut from the Japanese version ED, which didn’t allow for lossless cutting/splicing. But the dub kind of sucks, so whatever. Anyway, enjoy the release. Bonus points for a commentary track.
Original Script: R1 (Media Blasters)
Translation Check: convexity
Editing: Eternal_Blizzard, convexity
Timing, Typesetting, Encoding, QC: Eternal_Blizzard

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