The Seven Deadly Sins – Volume 1 (Joint with Odd-Jobs)

Here it is, a Blu-Ray project to stem the tides here. And what a project it is, Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins). This came about on somewhat of a whim in the staff channel, but a bunch of us ended up being down for the cause and here we are. Joint with Odd-Jobs. And before you ask, the base script is courtesy of Chyuu (albeit with fairly heavy modifications). Both of us are looking for translators, if interested, leave a comment or join us at #Soldado-Subs and #Odd-Jobs at Now enjoy the release.

Torrent (720p) | Torrent (1080p)

Some things to note: We are using the official terminology from the CR/Kodansha USA release as much as possible. So hopefully this makes for a tad of a different experience for those re-watching, as well as new viewers.

14 thoughts on “The Seven Deadly Sins – Volume 1 (Joint with Odd-Jobs)

    • Nanatsu’s licensed by Funimation for home video, updated the dropped section (lol lazy). Full Moon’s on indefinite hold in order to wrap up the fansub stuff (which are our own translations, ofc). FM might come back once Ninku at least is completed.

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