Ripping BDs for Kicks (Hakuouki 01 in Glorious 720p HD)

Yes, we are doing Hakuouki s1 BDs for the hell of it, and no we don’t have a timetable, but this is a pretty easy to do ripping project, so meh, what the hell. This is NOT a dual-audio release, this is a single-audio re-purpose of DB’s subs, staff credits and all. Now enjoy the bishies, damnit.


6 thoughts on “Ripping BDs for Kicks (Hakuouki 01 in Glorious 720p HD)

  1. Thanks for the link! The new torrent seems to have alot more seeds and peers(in swarm) but I can't seem to connect to any of them :'( Sorry, I'm not all that familiar with how seeds or peers work. But I'll keep trying to connect again later tho.

    And Hekketsuroku in BD quality sounds nice!

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