Old Rehash Re-Release: Ninku – The Movie Edition

My v1 encode was shit, but then again, the R1 DVD is an abomination to DVD Video.    The R1 is overcropped+zoomed, as shown in the comparison here. The new version is simply an mkv remux of the wmv9 raw, while it is considerably better than the R1 DVD, and the a4e rip. It’s marred with dotcrawl up the ass, so my apologies for that. Subs have been checked+retimed to the new raw, no patch will be made, since this is a whole nother source entirely. Enjoy.


P.S: This is a dual-audio release, dunno if the dub synced well, since I just delayed it by 1000ms cause I can’t be arsed with such a crappy dub.

Torrent *remake status, since it’s a swap of the batch I upped last year.

3 thoughts on “Old Rehash Re-Release: Ninku – The Movie Edition

  1. I should have clarified that a little, I might do a re-sub of 1-25 if the situation permits, but DB did great, and re-doing 25 eps to fix like 3-4 typos using raws that look the same is really a dealbreaker.

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