Fate's been conspiring against us, but somehow, Hikaru no Go 02 is FINALLY RELEASED!

Even more bizarre shit has happened since the last HnG release, now our encoder and FTP provider for HnG has disappeared from irc, and that set us back big time, because episode 2 was the only encode he forgot to leave us. So we were SOL without an encode for almost a month, then I had to take over encoding again after waiting a month for him to no avail. Then I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to not fuck up this encode, after weeks of trial and error, I just went with whatever did the job, so the quality of the video isn’t as good as episode 1. We have encodes for 3-13, so next episode will come out in a far more reasonable amount of time. My apologies to everyone.

We fail it!

We fail it!

Grab it from our irc channel, XDCC bot is HCLIUgo. *We need some encoding support, big time. (Oh shit, bot is afk, so…)
Torrent (Is Back)
DDL (rar) Filename: [Soldado]_Hikaru_no_Go_02_[BD-720p][10bit][F5BC8D2B].mkv

15 thoughts on “Fate's been conspiring against us, but somehow, Hikaru no Go 02 is FINALLY RELEASED!

  1. We have every intention to continue, the first few eps were marred with delays, staff leaving, a missing encode, and the BD being a pain in the butt to encode. The later eps should be out in a more reasonable time frame.

  2. I have a few questions.
    First, who subbed this? Are you guys newly translating this show or are you using someone else's subs? If the latter, whose? In general, are you guys an actual sub group or a re-encode group? This is important.
    Second, do I need to know anything about Go to be able to enjoy/follow this show? Does this show teach you about the game as you go along like Chihayafuru or does it require prior knowledge/learning like Akagi? For the record, I loved both shows.

  3. Original script is by Elite-Fansubs/Real-Fansubbers (aka the TV fansub scripts, albeit edited quite a bit), and the official tl from VIZ as a second/alternative track to cover all bases, so yes, we are using other scripts for HnG. We are are both a sub group and a rip group. Some shows are going to be our own works *wip, and some will be re-done scripts, usually from a TV fansub tacked on to a new, shiny encode. As far as having prior knowledge of the game needed to watch the anime, it's rather minimal, since the anime explains concepts and terminology as time goes on, and the live-action segment is there to teach some of the basics of Go. Hope that answers your questions. 🙂

  4. As far as I know with my limited knowledge, E-F and R-F aren't a joint group. It seems they both did around half the series, any idea why? Did they just change their name halfway in? I doubt the quality of the subs will change after the switch; I'm just curious as to why the switch happened.
    Also, are the subs in ASS or SRT format and is this a dual-audio project by chance?
    Thanks again.

  5. From what I've heard, the leader of E-F was the cause of much internet drama among the sub groups at the time, so R-F came to be after some of the staff at E-F decided to part ways to continue sub Hikaru no Go. E-F did more episodes than what is there on bakabt, since the translator had no bad blood with E-F, and provided the same base translation, occasional timing and typesetting for both E-F and R-F, but E-F died out after maybe in the low 50's of HnG, so R-F kept going up until the end, and then they retired into the sunset after completing the series. The subs are 100% .ass softsubs, but alas, it's only a single audio release, because I don't have the R1 DVDs, and the R1 audio is more than 6 seconds out of sync from the jpn version, due to added frames among other things, and the fact that these encodes are variable frame rate don't help the resyncing cause.

  6. Do you have an estimated timeframe of how long this project will take you? I'll give it a shot regardless but I was just wondering what your plans were. Thanks for the info btw.

  7. For the early going, it might still be pretty slow. Once I am able to finish, say, Full Moon, I'll have much more time to devote to HnG, and get it going full tilt. Goal is late spring 2014 for all 75 eps + specials and Hokuto Cup.

  8. I have to agree with RGK. Really thanks for working on it.

    The series is magical to me, I hated and loved it when __i ___t (so emotional).

  9. Hello my friend…
    Thank you very much for your Hikaru No Go BDRip release.
    We really hope you can finish it till the end because its really great anime.
    I like your release, because even it source from blueray, video size is so friendly.
    Hope you can maintenance video quality too.^^

    Best regards. ^_^

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