Dude, What The Fuck, A v2 of Hikaru no Go Episode 1

It’s a Hikaru release, lolwat, and a v2, fuck. 2 months of waiting for a v2 lol, sorry about that. Many things happened during the course of those two months: Our editor/timer bailed, raging over our own incompetence, a new encoder appears, wait for way better encodes, working slowly on eps., a new editor appears, etc…



Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this revamping of Hikaru no Go, which has numerous improvements over the v1 (VFR, better editing, better styling/typesetting, way better encoding, an additional VIZ sub track as a bonus, did away with the lame karaoke timing, and it goes on and on). At the moment, we’re releasing them internally in our irc channel, so if you want some eps, please drop by, we will release only on irc for the foreseeable future..

15 thoughts on “Dude, What The Fuck, A v2 of Hikaru no Go Episode 1

  1. Thanks so much! I loved watching your v1 release so I'm excited to see an improved revamping and look forward to future releases as well. 😀 Cheers!

  2. Back from the depths of hell we are, we shall make good progress with Hikaru no Go now. Single episode releases will be irc only, but we will do batch torrent releases based on BD sets, which in the case of BD Set 1, will be 1-12.

  3. As long as I can still get torrents of them eventually;) And you keep feeding me some Full moon while im waiting for batch torrents;)

  4. i feel bad to say this. but your previous font, and karaoke is much better than what is released now. nevertheless, you guys are doing the work so whatever it is, thank you

  5. Sorry for my late reply, but in regards to the font and karaoke, the previous font was more stylish, but Calibri was the original intention, while plain, it's generally a readable and non-fugly font, the last release still had a lot of undefined stylings, such as internal dialogue and thought. The karaoke decision was a bit of a different case, originally, we had plans to do effects for the v2 (softsubbed), but that fell through 🙁

  6. better styling?! not really. the default font in v1 is way better. v1 got karaoke themes. v2 do not got the technical notes (ex: 15:57). & random color change to purple was not all that attractive really. these caught my eyes in less than 5 minutes comparison.

  7. The notes weren't needed in a lot of the cases, since goke (Go Bowl) and agehama (prisoners) are easily translatable terms. Most of the terminology is explained within the anime itself, as well the live-action segments. The karaoke timings were there since we were going to do effects, but that fell though. The color change to purple indicates internal dialogue between Hikaru and Sai or when Sai speaks, as he only exists in Hikaru's consciousness. The joseki one probably needed the note, but as you watch HnG, you start picking up on terms and gain a bit of understanding of the game. I'll gather the notes and supplement them as txt files, rather than clutter the screen with them. Honestly, Calibri was our original intention as a font. Anyways, thanks for the feedback.

  8. that calibri with heavy outline looks dull and too cartoonish, does not go well with the series. & about the color change, i noticed that it changes randomly when hikaru and talks (had a quick look at around 10:30 to 11:30). I think if there is a color change, is has to be well planned. if it the color changes whenver hikaru and sai talks, it will be there more than half the episode. in addition, if i remember corrctly, the same color change was there when akira was thinking too. so if you plan to use the change of color in multiple scenarios, i think multiple colors should be used rather than all purple. for example, when sai talks / people think / talks in background. i did like the style change for when people thinks though.

  9. haha i m way too lazy. never worked for fansub. just do some occasional modifications if something not to my liking. those were just suggestions for you to take or drop 🙂 anyway thanks that at least you did not take them negatively.

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