For Some Reason, Prince of Tennis 001 is Out

I don’t know why I did this, I must have been bored or something, ah well, here you go. If anyone is interested in the Prince of Tennis, we can use a timer, and a quality checker for this one, I can’t do it alone, since this is a lengthy show. – Eternal_Blizzard


9 thoughts on “For Some Reason, Prince of Tennis 001 is Out

  1. These subs seem really familiar… Wait, it's the same translation from our releases. 🙂

    Nice to see you even put the purple background thinking text in. I appreciate a good typeset job.

    Really good quality on the video. I wish I had the originals from way back – I would re-release. Too bad.

    Mada mada dane.

  2. If I really don't have anything to do (when all other projects are done with). I might revive this project, hopefully I can find a willing timer and typesetter, I can encode/script rip/finish edit just fine.

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