Damn we are quick, Full Moon 07-10 are OUT!!!

We managed to bumrush through these episodes (my being on winter break sure helped). Enjoy the release as much as we did working on it, think of this as an end of the year gift, see ya next year.

P.S Enjoy the new karaoke for “Myself” 😀
fmos09dr_001_160What a twist!
Update: There’s a bizarre issue that makes MPC-HC not render the karaoke font properly despite the fact that the proper font is muxed in. It’s not a muxing issue on our end, it’s an odd technicality, here’s that font in the hyperlink. Actually, I should have just changed the MIME to x-truetype-font, bad job by me.
Patch/Mirror Updated Version (Episode 9v3)

6 thoughts on “Damn we are quick, Full Moon 07-10 are OUT!!!

  1. I am pretty sure he used to be a Neko-san! How did Mitsuki come up with that conclusion! I have to watch this!

    Will appreciate if fans dropped by in our IRC channel and website! And if you like our release, let others know! Feedback very much appreciated!

    If you have a MAL account, please drop a comment in the link below:

    Arigatou to Akemashite Omedetou!

  2. Thanks! We are loving every second spent on getting this anime to the fans in higher quality than those available right now!

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