Sorry for the wait, but Full Moon 01-04 are out

After scrambling on many qc passes, typesetting, and downright karaoke awesomeness, episodes 1-4 are out *1 and 2 + op are overhauled, enjoy the release and make sure to get the patches below, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to

shani-san –  For his superb typesetting and wonderful karaokes, not to mention all the qc and distro help.

convexity – For helping me edit that Meroko-tachi line on episode 3.

Sekushi desu ka?

Sekushi desu ka?

Patches *For the Opening, Episode 1 and Episode 2
Episode 4v2 Patch < Torrent

9 thoughts on “Sorry for the wait, but Full Moon 01-04 are out

  1. We are almost at 500 downloads. Well, to be honest, the amount of effort that was put by Eternal_Blizzard, I personally would have loved to see more fans getting our releases. Well, cannot help for an anime which aired almost 10 years back. But the quality of the anime, one of the best shoujo anime of all time probably deserves a bit more publicity!

    I hope fans will love the effort we have put and drop by a comment or two here and also in the IRC. 🙂

    Thanks everyone for getting our releases!

  2. Thanks for doing this! Its nice to see this "classic" get a makeover. Video quality is so much better than the old avi ones. I hope you guys see this through to the end. Thanks again for taking this up.

  3. Simply amazing! I gave up hope long ago that someone would do a dvdrip with a.f.k. subs. A simple thanks is not enough, really. I ll spread the word as much as possible, in the hopes to see this project completed one day. Keep it up guys, considering the amazing quality and the work you ve put into this, i m sure you ll get way more people sooner or later!

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