Animation x Paralympics: Game On! (PV)

What is this?

This is a PV meant to showcase some of the events that will be featured in the upcoming 2020 Paralympic Games, which will take place in Japan. The series itself is a series of shorts worked on by various anime and manga industry vets in cooperation with NHK, with each short showcasing a particular Para-sporting event with the aim of promoting the Paralympic Games and sporting events for athletes with disabilities. You can watch these shorts (officially subbed) at this playlist (courtesy of NHK World-Japan) here or on-demand at NHK’s official site here.


Ninku 46

Another one of Fuusuke and company’s old squadmates has reappeared, but whenever a Dog Ninja appears, bad news usually follows. But what bad news is this former Ninku captain going to give to our heroes? Stay tuned. Joint with Saizen. We are in need of another translator/translation checker. If interested, please head on over to our discord server here, #[email protected], or use the Join Us/Contact Form.


Full Moon wo Sagashite Is Revived as [Mitsuki] (01-04)

So after a 5+ year hiatus, we come back to revisit Full Moon once more. It’s been a revival that’s been in the backburner for far too long. This isn’t just some rehash of those now outdated Soldado releases, with the help of Zalis from ReDone-Subs, these scripts have been quite overhauled, translation and editing wise, rectifying the silly mistakes in a.f.k.’s original scripts. Not only that, the scripts have been entirely re-timed along with improved typesetting as well, all packed into shiny new 10bit encodes which are way better than what I did 6 years ago when I was just a wee rookie. And no, these encodes do not use ordered chapters, cause that was dumb back then, it is dumb now. But one thing that did carry over from the Soldado releases is the option of having a sub track that mimics a.f.k.’s multicolor styling with fancy karaoke, and a more plain track  with simple k-timed karaoke. The plan is to release these eps 4 at a time (which is how they were divided as in the DVD volumes, so consider it Volume 1. Sorry for the tl;dr, enjoy the release.


Ninku 41

In this, the third anniversary of our friend ConsiderPhlebas passing, we are back with some more Ninku for you guys. Joint as always with Saizen. And yes, this is the infamous episode 41 directed by Akiyuki Shinbo. Though I personally found the animation style of this episode a tad jarring, I can’t deny that it fit the melancholic tone of this episode rather well. If you can get past some of the quirks, it’s honestly a pretty powerful episode. We are in need of another translator/translation checker. If interested, please head on over to our discord server here.